For a moment, 
      Our endless words must find pause...  
            When the great tides of life shift.  

I wish there were words I could say 
      That could hold back such endless truths… 

As the very ground beneath your feet slips away

You are left but for a moment suspended in the air,

Caught between terror and elation

The craggy canyons far beneath

The eternal stars far above

Both carved from the very same foundational core.


It is this cross flux of fear and hope

That can freeze the imagination

To forget how free it is

To reinvent the scene

That it had made not more than a moment before.


Both my hope and fear is this…

There are no answers to Life and Death

Death and Life.


Though you must remember

It was the very real tear

You shed for love

That caught my heart

And bound me tight.


And it is I who forgot to mention...

Though I have no answer,

There is always that silly hope

That never dies, that lives to reach for Love

Time and time again.


You told me this yourself.

And I forgot to forget

That it’s nothing more than a dream.

And in this forgettery of forgetfullness

The yarn is spun,

That all is possible

Every bit and piece,

Even dreams of little girls and boys

Of souls that come to play with them

In the gentle dreamy-filled night,

In the light-filled reality of a later day.


You and I live both here and there...

With our Mothers and Fathers,

Sons and Daughters

Sisters and Brothers.

You are all these things to me…

As I to you.


And finally...

Let us not forget the unforgettable.

It is the Eternity of Mother-Fatherhood that has made

All of this…

      You and me…

             Me and you…

                       All so possible.

Copyright 2014. Stuart Diamond