Because There Was One Who Listened...

Today fiery fanfares sear the sky. 
Cadenzas soar through the stratosphere
Symphonies cascade --
Waterfalls of Wonder,
Euphonic harmonies

filled with a Universe's Ecstasy.

But there was a time,
when there was no sound. 
No harmonies to see the planes

With the embryonic notes of Beauty's of fertile Grace.

There was a...  time... 
the blackened desert,
the endless tocking of the watch,
Hollowed eyes clocking the spinning of the globe.

There was no sound.  But... 
A faint whisper that vanished before its echo could be found. 
A cry swallowed in the hush of the silence in which lay. 
Deep within that quiet it remained unheard.


There was One who listened... 
with an ear
that could hear
the songs of the Deva light
That could cock and catch the wind rustling

through a single feather spiraling through the air. 

And to that single note
came another muse,
who found a sirened song with which at last to sing.

Each sound begat another,
And note by note the music grew
Till now the world is ablaze with the psalmed symphony
   of The Harmonys,
A Furnaced Flaming that transcends Sound itself

Reaching to the very Chamber of the Royal silence. 
Roaring from that spot from whence once nothing at all was heard. 

There was nothing...


There was One
    who listened
    with an ear so fine
    that could hear what no one else had ever heard.