Cupid's fall from Grace is not well recorded
As History has been known to forget
        those moments that change the course of the human heart.
But it was his voyage to Earth that made Love what it is today:
Some say but a coarse reflection of what God laid out for Man and Beast --
        the confusion that is the foundation for Cupid's pointed shafts.
Yet perhaps it was Love Divine, so icy pure,
That drove Cupid on his quest in search for a love less perfect --
        than that meant for Gods and Myths.
So Cupid found himself on Earth,
His soul split between here and Heaven's bed.

When he finally felt what it is to have a love disintegrate into dirt and dust,
He wandered through barren fields until he came across
A noble lion slain with an arrow lodged deep within its heart
Its golden mane stained with blood.

They say Cupid took this arrow
And returned to Heaven's solace with cruel intent
To sling his dart into each and every heart.

Yet, I for one discount these tales
For Truth has always a far more subtle scent
Than one set in such a simple history.

For the shaft that pierced my Heart was tipped with gold,
It split my soul in two to cast a shadow
        that revealed the frontier that lies
                between both Heaven and Hell.

It is Cupid's legacy that with each love's death
        the soul is reborn, Phoenix-like,
Set deeper still in the imagination of what it is to be a god
        yet more forgiving of what is merely man.

And it was Cupid's willingness to dance on Earth,
        if but for a moment,
That makes apparent that every love should have
        Both, an Angel's glacial depth mixed with a demon's fiery breath.

The Valentine of a broken heart is this:
That only the caverns of Hades' dismal depths
Can make Olympus's reach to Heaven's rim so grand.