Future Sight

Empty branches
Criss-cross the close and clouded sky,
As I sit within the Winter space
Dreaming of Long Lost Loves
Of some other time, some other place,
A summer sense of gentle breeze and ocean sent.

Standing upon a harbored wooden dock
I slip the ropes from the mooring posts,
And watch each love drift out to sea
To vanish...  just beyond Horizon's Point.

With a final sigh I turn
And at long last... 
Face the plains of future sight.

Cold rain lingers in the air,
As I look out upon the barren beach
And listen to each cloud of silent breath.

Past a distant wind from wintry dunes,
Fragments of new loves come to light,
Pale shadows of what may yet come to be.

Caught between past and future love,
I look up to the sky to see
Clouds flying past the moons of lunar night.

 The ghost of future loves melt
      into the deepening fog and mist

And I am left...  alone
      upon a desert of freezing dirt.

I kneel upon the icy field,
    fingers touching stone and mud
To find an ancient trail
   buried just beneath the rock.

It is but a traceā€¦
   Evidence of One
      Who once long before
         wandered this very sight and wondered:
            "What eternal springs are there
                Embedded deep within each
                   Autumn's dying grace?"