Man Woman 

Touch inside my skin
    and feel the pulse of what it is to be a man, 
As I a reach inside your field of wonder
   to see out through the heart of a female gaze.

What do you see as you look through the eyes of me? 
What can I see looking out onto the plane,
   hazel-eyed dabbed with green. 

I touch my new silken skin,
   my breast, by loins. 
Not as man touching the delicate sculptured flash 
   of another species bred;

But as a woman who might touch herself. 
What is in this softly bosom flesh and body delicate
   throbbing with a force of life creation?

 And for you... 
What is it to look inside out
   from the seeder of the womb? 
That might one-day bloom with in my new... 
   Your -- holy chamber
    life growing spot. 

If there comes a time when this loving dies 
To the melding and embracing 
Beyond...  this auric world wonder

We remain as we are,
Touching...  hand-in-hand,
On the Higher Ways of what it is
To walk the Wonder Fields of Love.