From within the Diamond
I look outside
to watch the world disintegrate into sand.
I turn to walk through the crystal lattice,a
Where streams of ancient light collide with future sight.
And in this prisimed whirlpool
a flash, a spark --
a simple troubadour appears,
who sings an air about a love that has never been
Yet is still meant to be.

And I remember, now, that love...
eyes so close
that when we softly touched
we were swept to another land
where with each gentle kiss
we breathed each other's breath
until there was no more
and were left
with but a wisp of hope wrapped in fated memory.

Slipping through the bars of this present perch,
We follow the troubadour and walk the strands of time,
Seeking past and future songs of love,
Ancient sounds mixing with what is yet to be
To make a music from another time.

We stop to listen to the sounds of stars
As they travel through the galaxy,
And am left to wonder where it all began,
Songs from a billion years before,

On their journey..
                to the darkest ends of the Universe.

Music From Another Time
By Stuart Diamond
All Rights Reserved 2008