Postulates of a New Physics

To postulate a new physics --
To think anew the very laws that govern the Universal way of things.

What if time was really space and versa vice?
What would we do if gravity was replaced by love 
        as that which binds man to Earth?

What if consciousness was the apparent thing,
       and matter was that, 
             that seemed nothing but air and naught.

Why not words be the spaceships 
        in which we travel from place to place?

And so with this dream of another physics does poetry 
       disappear and vanish into a single point of light?

And what if light were sound and sound was sight?

Can a single question change the course of human thought, 
And the very Universal Ground upon which we stand.

What if I were to ask:
What came first? 
The Universe... 
        Or Imagination?

Which imagined What?

Copyright 2014 - Stuart Diamond